The BreathEducation website has been developed as well-being training website and single point of access (SPOA) for teachers and early years workers in the Birmingham & Solihull area. Whilst its SPOA functionality is based on service local to Birmingham & Solihull any teacher or early years worker interested in improving wellbeing practice for themselves or their organisations will find a wealth of information and resources relevant to them.

Teachers and early years workers in Birmingham & Solihull can use this website and its resources to access evidence-based training materials, resources for lessons and links to local and national services. It also contains advice and guidance to support teachers and early years workers well-being to support whole-school approaches to mental health & well-being. Please be aware we do not deliver crisis support ourselves but promote services and providers that do so.

BreatheEducation has as team of content researchers working alongside experts in youth mental health so you can trust the information you find here to be evidence-based and useful in supporting the well-being of young people. We sometimes link to or use other reputable sources of information that we think are complimentary to this.

Our wider partnership is made up of a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, educational psychologists, mental health academics and teachers that span across NHS services, local government, education and academia.

Our core partnership consists of Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS, Forward Thinking Birmingham, University of Warwick and Birmingham Education Partnership. We are funded by the NIHR and Local Government with a view to improve the digital wellbeing infrastructure of Birmingham & Solihull.

We are really keen to work with our audiences to create the resources they need. They need if you would like to contact use please email us.

We are currently working on creating a mailing list in the meantime you can follow us on our twitter handle @BreathEDU_